design as profession

Portrayed in the design section is a tiny snip into John’s design work. For over 10 years in the industry, he has been involved with projects ranging from simple business cards, to the creation of nation wide campaigns, catering for clients from across the globe and the winning of national competitions.

John demands perfection with every job, leading the way to an uncompromised eye for detail, and time management.

Traveling from Malta, to other parts of Europe and the world, John took his abilities and also his ambition to learn more everyday as his essential travel partner.  His profession took him as far as Sydney and Perth, where he worked for the past four and a half years. His want to do more and be involved even landed him into small jobs in the filming industry in Sydney & Malta, apart from other large scale design projects in Perth.

John is now in a transitional period and preparing to continue his career in Europe.

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