behind the photography

After the first year at the Art & Design Center in Valletta (Malta) John took up photography as an extra curriculum study at the school. Enthusiastically embracing the subject with his first camera being his father’s 35mm Pentax film camera. The romance behind developing his first photos, along with learning essential, manual techniques of photography, he was driven deeper into the subject.

Not knowing yet the power of digital photography, John experimented and shot role after role of film absorbing knowledge from every click of his camera. Almost 12 years later, something that only passion and time can sculpt into what is now John’s style of photography. With the help of digital photography, whilst still retaining fundamental techniques, the intense, highly saturated, emotionally dramatic photos are born. Capturing a unique attribute to that place by action, colour and motif.

Today he works on traveling around the globe absorbing surroundings, scents, colour and tastes and placing them into his photography. The camera gives him the escape, and freedom of no physical constraints such as a desk or office, with the liberty to explore new angles and perspectives.